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Guide to Cartooning is a high school and college level textbook that teaches everything one needs to know anything about the subject of cartooning.
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This is the cover of a Zaanan comic book illustrated by Rich Buckler, Sr.  He is known as the creator of the Marvel character Deathlok. The comic was a new story based on my four original Zaanan books.
The Hole Story is a book and 15 minute video.
This is a page from a McGruff comic book that I wrote and illustrated for Choice Comics.
This is the comic book version of the Pilgrim's Progress that I rewrote and illustrated for Barbour Books.
A cover illustration for the MoveOnIn magazine.
A chalk illustration for the Airline High School football program.
An illustration from the story The Lost Boat.
A Duo-Shade illustration of Judas Iscariot for the book Jesus Online by Charles Morgan.
T-shirt illustration for Sci-Port Discovery Center.