Welcome to my website. Please take a few moments to visit the different areas displaying some of my work through the years. Also, be sure to check out the Current Projects section and read through my television concepts.

I am producing a documentary and book about the 1918 silent motion picture “Tarzan of the Apes.” Thus far all the funding has come from my own pocket. Also, my daughter Allison has donated her time and talent to help make this project possible. I am waiting to hear from several grants I have applied for and further down the road I will be looking for corporate sponsorship.

I am not stopping the production while waiting to hear from the grants. There are several things which I am doing that need an additional infusion of funds at this time. Just three examples are the purchase of historic archival photos and footage along with some fees to enter into film festivals and the cost of producing all original music for the documentary and a new improved version of the original motion picture “Tarzan of the Apes.”

I have produced a 24” x 36” full color "Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle" poster suitable for framing. It is printed on fine gloss poster paper. I am only printing 250 posters. Each will be numbered and signed by me. Numbers 11-250 are available for $25 each. This includes FREE shipping and handling. Also, your name will be listed in the end credits of the DVD presentation as a sponsor who made this documentary possible.
DISCLAIMER: The purchase of this poster is solely a means of supporting the production and distribution of the “Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle” documentary and book. Your sponsorship does not entitle you to any residual payments from any possible profits of this project. The purchase of this poster cannot be considered a write-off for income tax purposes. I cannot promise in any manner that this poster will ever increase or decrease in value or that anyone would ever be interested in purchasing it from you should you decide to resell it. In other words, you are acquiring this artwork because you want the poster and are interested in making this documentary and book a reality. This poster is produced with the full knowledge and permission of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
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